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Dr. De'Andrea Matthews President and Book Strategist

Graced with an abundance of gifts, Dr. De’Andrea Matthews, without reservation, selflessly pours her heart into her work and into the lives of many in various capacities. Commonly known as Dr. Dee, Dr. Matthews is an author, educator, national conference speaker, and pastor. Passionate and accomplished, Dr. Dee’s gifts, exercised through voice and pen, have aspired many to embark upon their own road to success.

Dr. Dee is the president and book strategist for Claire Aldin Publications, LLC. She has written and published several books, including: Their Darkest Hour, Reboot Global Breakout Bible Study Guide, Almost Doesn’t Count, and Letters to my Angry Self. She is currently working on her first full-length non-fiction book entitled, The Surrendered Soul: Aligning the Five Parts of Your Soul with the Will of God.

Dr. Dee is a co-author with other diversity professionals on “A National Long-term Outcomes Evaluation of U.S. Premedical Postbaccalaureate Programs Designed to Promote Health Care Access and Workforce Diversity” published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. This is a peer-reviewed publication published by the John Hopkins University Press.

Most recently, Dr. Dee authored an academic book chapter in Campus Diversity Triumphs: Valleys of Hope Volume 20 entitled “Intercultural consciousness: A Premedical Teaching Methodology” published by Emerald Publishing. Three additional book chapters, for which Dr. Matthews is a co-author, are pending publication. She is inspired and committed to paving the way for many to grow spiritually and professionally. Because of this, many lives will unquestionably be impacted in the most positive way, by and through Dr. Matthews.

Our Mission

 Claire Aldin Publications, LLC., is dedicated to helping others realize their dream of writing and publishing books. We do this with various services such as one-on-one book consultations,  to provide the writer with organization to complete their final  manuscript. 

Brian Matthews, CFO and VP of Operations

                   Brian Matthews
          CFO and VP of Operations


Brian Matthews is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations for Claire Aldin Publications, LLC. He is also an author, licensed minister, and motivational speaker. As a native Detroiter, Brian did not have many pleasant childhood memories or positive role models. A dysfunctional home life led to many hardships. As a result he made many poor choices.  Brian found his passion playing basketball and transitioning from player to coach, he began to utilize sports to connect with, mentor, and empower our youth. 

Brian is very transparent concerning his personal struggles growing up in the inner city. Because of this, he has inspired many to make important life changes and to the overcome obstacles that once held them back.  Currently, Brian is working on his  debut release .